Taper Fade


Troys All Stars Barber Shop is the leading unisex hair salon in Buda, TX. Although we provide a comprehensive list of haircuts, our main area of specialty is the taper fade. The taper fade is one of the most common and popular stylish haircuts of all time. Men love this haircut because of its simplicity, ease of maintenance and the fact that it blends with many different face types. This haircut is also easy to maintain and can be worn by people with different types of hair, whether you have thin, thick, soft or tough hair.
Our catalogue consists of more than 100 different types of taper fade styles, including taper fade Mohawks and combovers. We always strive to give our clients variety so that they can have many options to choose from. We also have a number of quality products that we use while cutting hair. We always make sure that our clients are not allergic to the products so as to guarantee their safety. Some of the products that we use include spray, styling wax, pomade, hair gel and shampoo. In addition, we provide free advice and products such as combs and gels to help our clients take good care of their hair. This saves you from the burden of having to shop for these products elsewhere.
Our hair salon is located at a convenient location here in Buda, TX so that clients have an easy time accessing us. We also provide our clients amenities such as parking space and entertainment features to make sure that they are comfortable. Our hair experts are attentive, understanding and always willing to listen to the concerns of the client. We do not want our clients to worry about anything, which is why we do everything to ensure their comfort. Please feel free to visit us today. We will be thrilled to see you and promise to deliver the best service.