Best Barber Shop


At Troys All Stars Barber Shop, we have managed to build a loyal client base over the years. Most of our clients here in Wimberley, TX say that we are the best barber shop in the region. This is because we provide quality, timely and cost-friendly haircuts to our clients. At Troys All Stars Barber Shop, we provide a wide variety of quality haircuts to both men and women, though our services are specially tailored for men.
We deal with both long and short haircuts. Our barbers are talented and dedicated to their jobs. We love cutting hair and are always striving to make our clients happy and satisfied. At our barber shop, we place the needs and happiness of the client above everything else. We do more than just cutting of hair. Before we cut your hair into a particular style, we will make sure that it is the best style for you. We consider your sense of style, type of hair and various other factors.
We also cut children's hair. We understand the needs of children and know that they need special care and attention. Our barbers are patient and therefore good at cutting children's hair. If you live in Wimberley, TX and wish to get a haircut, then you know that we are the best barber shop. If you are interested in knowing more about us such as the times we are open, feel free to get in touch with us. You can also request a free and complete catalogue of our services and the prices. You will notice that our prices are quite friendly and that all our haircuts are affordable. We also perform our operations in a safe and hygienic environment. Our barber shop is certified and meets all the required health and safety standards set by the government.