About Us

From taper fades, bald fades, comb over haircuts, mohawks, hot towel and razor cuts, etc. — you can be sure we can do the finest job around the area. Many people come to Troys All Stars Barber Shop everyday looking for a great haircut and walk out looking and feeling better than they come in. Over the last several years, Troys All Stars Barber Shop has been gaining a lot of popularity and has gained a reputation for being the best barber shop around San Marcos. So drop by today and see why people are telling us we are the best barber shop. As a locally owned company and black barber shop, we are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to building and maintaining relationships in the community. That is why we take our job seriously and make sure that we do our job to a high level of standards and treat each client with respect.
So whether you are looking for a bald fade or taper fade, Troys All Stars Barber Shop is definitely the place for you. Here at Troys All Stars Barber Shop, we offer reasonable prices for our services and a staff that will treat you like family the moment that you step into our doors. What can be better than that? When it comes to a black barber shop around the San Marcos and its surrounding cities, you sure can't beat coming to Troys All Stars Barber Shop.